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SZenery 1/87 FXR Motorcycle


This contains one 1/87 scale resin motorcycle.

1/87 scale rider figures for these motorcycles are available from CatzPaw Innovations LLC. They're made to fit the SZenery FXR and SZenery Fat Boy motorcycles. There are two different sets of two riders available. Following are the links to the sets.
Set #1 (male and female):
Set #2 (two males):

For this motorcycle there are two options to choose from. Option A has the three spoke rims and option B has the closed dish rims.

This product comes as an unpainted one piece item.

If an item is out of stock or if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at:
E-mail szenery@outlook.com

  • Option A 75%
  • Option B 100%